domingo, 8 de septiembre de 2013

El Orgullo

Maybe now you realize that it is not very hard to hide the proud and change it for love.  
Every try, every step, I just had a thought, You. 
Maybe now, but I hope not, I wish you do not get a single regret about distance. 

Circumstances are just made of time and hands can always model our destiny. We choose the way to take, we choose what to do or not. Yesterday you were my choice, my chances and my faith, you were my thoughts and all my wishes, our family was a real idea to spend my life. 
Proud, fear, I never have had that choice when I have felt this kind of love. I will not feel the regrets that surely you will feel one of these days, and I am sorry, really sorry, cause  I would loved to be all your choices, your chances and your answers.

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